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In May 2021, Linwood Country Club added four brand new Pickleball courts and expanded its membership offerings to include single, couple and family Pickleball memberships. Additionally, some existing golf memberships include Pickleball privileges. Pickleball memberships start at $200 and include access to a variety of clinics and tournaments geared towards all levels of play. 


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What is Pickleball?

In 1965, three dads created Pickleball as a pastime for their children. Since then, it has become a popular activity that is relatively simple and easy to understand.

Pickleball is a paddleboard sport that combines the elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Pickleball courts are around the same size as a doubles badminton court and can be both inside and outside. The game of Pickleball is usually played either one-on-one (singles) or two-on-two (doubles). Similar to other racquet sports, Pickleball requires a paddle, usually made out of wood, composite or graphite. The ball that is used is in the sport is plastic with holes in it, much like a whiffle ball.